Why Is Nick Carraway Important In The Great Gatsby

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Jennifer Larkin 1. Literary Present(5) Ms. Bowen 2. 2-3 quotes(10) 16 March 2018 3. Supporting details(30) The Great Gatsby Essay The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald demonstrates how Nick Carraway plays both the role of the narrator and a character within the novel. Nick carraway has multiple relations with characters throughout the novel. Carraway is Gatsby’s neighbor, Daisy's cousin, and Tom’s friend from college. If one of these relationships did not exist, the story line would be entirely different. Nick is extremely honest and makes no judgement to others, because of what his father had taught him many years before. QUOTE Nick Carraway …show more content…

Gatsby blatantly used Nick to get to Daisy, that might have been his initial goal when he had first met Nick. Eventually Gatsby came to trust Nick and consider him a friend, and the feeling was mutual. Although it had been more often than not a one sided friendship, given that Gatsby told Nick the truth and told him about his whole life, by the end of the book Gatsby had hardly known Nick the way he knew him. Gatsby throws extravagant parties to one day get the love of his life back, five years and no word from Daisy, meanwhile Nick just so happened to have the solution to all of his problems. If Nick was not Daisy’s cousin, and Gatsby's neighbor, this story would not have been close to the same. Gatsby and Daisy would have never reunited at Nick's for tea. Maybe Daisy wouldn't have had the guts to tell Tom about the affair if it hadn't of been for Nick. If it wasn't for Nick bringing the two star crossed lovers together again, who knows, maybe Gatsby would still be alive. Nick was a medium for Daisy, an excuse for her to lie to Tom, to make the affair

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