Why Is Pluto Be A Planet

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Pluto is considered a dwarf planet due to it’s size . It was considered a planet until 2006 when it was downgraded . Pluto was found by Clyde Tombaugh in 1930. Clyde was born in Streator, IL and went to University of kansas and and became a professor at Northern Arizona University.Pluto is about 4.6 billion years old , has 5 moons, and takes 6.4 earth days to spin.
Pluto should be a planet because in Pluto: planet or not? scientists call objects planets even though the don’t fit the criteria. And they said “In fact , about 90% of the planets known to astronomers are outside the earth’s solar system .” and “some of these extrasolar planets do not fit the IAU’s definition of a planet. Yet IAU astronomers still refer to them as planets.” - Discovery education .This evidence supports the claim because it proves that other planets that don’t qualify as planets are considered planets . It also proves that pluto qualifies as a planet way more than the others .The underlying concept is that pluto fits most criteria but doesn’t qualify. …show more content…

Pluto definitely has lots of potential. “Pluto has turned out to be an extraordinarily complex, interesting world," -said NASA Associate Administrator John Grunsfeld.” Pluto should be a planet , it has snow . They have also discovered other things like two ice mountains about 75 miles apart.This information explains that pluto should be a planet because of it’s potential at having things that we haven’t seen yet and we will make those discoveries.The concept is that pluto has a

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