Why Is Saratoga A Turning Point

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“[G]ive me liberty, or give me death,” this quote was said by Patrick Henry, a founding father and postcolonial governor of virginia. While Henry was not a fighter his elder son was one of the soldier that participated in the battle that defined history, Saratoga. Due to its nature and the set of events both defining it, and having been caused by it, the Battle of Saratoga is arguably, not only the turning point that lead to a colonial victory, but can also be considered the most important battle of the Revolutionary War, and therefore American independence. The Battle of Saratoga was actually two separate battles 18 days apart. This battle is considered a turning point in the American Revolution due to the two main advantages it gave the colonist over the british: an increased sense of pride, compared to britain’s decrease in pride, and the international support that was gained as a result of it. …show more content…

Burgoyne surrendered after a failed escape attempt since his troop were underfed and under-supplied without the reinforcements and supply fleet that Burgoyne had asked for over two weeks prior to the second Battle of Saratoga. The Continental Soldiers were surprised and in disbelieve as each of the five-thousand British Soldiers handed them their weapons and admitted defeat. As previously mentioned, Colonial pride was not the only gain from the victory in the Battle of Saratoga, international support can also be heavily contributed to

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