Why Is Sexting Bad

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Why Sexting Isn't As Bad As You Thought It Was Most People SextForget the alarmists and the naysayers, Sexting has proven itself to be much more than a trend. The polls are in, 61 percent of men and 48 percent of women sext, according to a survey gathered in 2013. In our modern times, the sext can be thought of as the new love letter: Sometimes a bit sexy, sometimes a bit naughty, and sometimes discrete. As technology has become the driving force in communication, the sex life of modern men and women has been altered. A Fun Way To Get To Know Another Person's DesiresFrom how they meet to the way that they date, everything has changed between men and women. Today people meet on apps, such as GRINDR and TINDR, or websites, such as arousr.com and …show more content…

Think of a sext as a way to communicate your most passionate interests. By the time you are together, you will share a deep knowledge of one another on a very personal level. It Makes Life BetterImagine attending yet another Thanksgiving at your sister's house. Now, imagine that same Thanksgiving, but with the addition of naughty sexts; the dinner is instantly better. Every day with sexting is just better. Everyday life turns into a thrilling and fun event when a sext makes an appearance. The possibilities are never-ending when you are engaged in constant foreplay. Yes, It's Safe Yes, it is not 100 percent safe, but then again what is? You are more likely to get in a car accident than have someone share your sexts. Everyone sexts, what's more, everyone knows that everyone sexts. Let's face it, the truth is that sexts are much safer than traditional sex, and far more people have regretted traditional sex than the number who have regretted sexts. So, statistically speaking, the act of engaging in sext is much safer than driving a car, riding a bicycle, or even having

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