Why Is Stealing Wrong

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Has anybody ever stolen something from you and got away with it? Well, in this paper I will tell you my opinion about the Sherlock Holmes story. In the Sherlock Holmes story there was a man named Ryder. Ryder stole a gem from a lady, later Ryder went to his sisters house, at his sisters house she has geese, and Ryder wanted a goose to eat for thanksgiving supper, he picked a goose who had a long black stripe down its back. Ryder chose that one because he needed to know that goose from the other geese. The reason he needed to tell them apart is because he shoved the Gem down the goose’s throat. Basically after that he got the wrong goose and there was actually two geese that had a black stripe down the back. And Ryder blamed it on someone else.…show more content…
Imagine if someone was stealing something really expensive from you. Also if you work really hard for something, then someone would just come up and steal it from you. You don’t just go up to someone and take something that doesn’t belong to you. Also its kina messed up that Ryder blamed it on an innocent guy who had a family to take care of, and had to miss Christmas because of one stupid mistake that you made. Third of all, if you get away with one crime, then you might think you could get away with another one. Also, I know everyone deserves another chance but, Ryder knew that stealing was wrong. And he trespassed on someone’s property not to mention he shoved a gem down a goose’s throat. But he also tried to frame someone for stealing the gem. Ryder made that poor guy be in jail, on Christmas. He had to spend Christmas in jail instead of with his family. The cruel part is that Ryder knew that the guy that he framed had a family to take care of. In conclusion, these are all of my reasons why I think Sherlock Holmes made the absolute wrong decision. One, stealing is wrong. Two, Holmes had no authority. Three, Ryder could try to commit another crime. I know people have different opinions, but I believe Holmes made the wrong
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