Why Is The Little Rock Nine Important

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Little Rock Nine took a stand for blacks and their rights to attend the same school as white people. The group made a powerful statement that why equal education was so important, equal right, and why segregation was so important. Today I will be talking about all four subtitles. Equal education was a huge part of our history in Rock, Arkansas for African Americans like The Little Rock Nine because white people always thought they always needed to have higher educations that black people. On September 4, 1957, the Little Rock Nine arrived for their first day at Central High. Nation Guard ultimately tried to stop any members of the Little Rock Nine crew from entering Central High. The Oval Fabus, governor of Arkansas, defiantly threated the group of nine black teenagers by stating “Blood will run in the streets if they stepped foot or try to attend Central High.” According to Singley (2007 pg45). After judgment, President Dwight Eisenhower tried numerous of times to get the governor to …show more content…

That’s exactly what the Little Rock Nine would’ve have to do if President Dwight Eisenhower wasn’t thinking. Plessy v. Ferguson which did not violate the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment. But this equality was an impossibility in many ways, as most African-American were denied the same resources as their white counterparts to create good schools. After the Brown v. Board of education ruling, President Dwight Eisenhower tried to get governor Fabus to voluntarily allow desegregation in Arkansas schools. In result the NAACP failed for a lawsuit asking the Federal Court to prevent Fabus from interfering with desegregation. In my opinion I think equal rights wasn’t really clicked in some Caucasians people heads. My opinion about equal rights is everyone should that the right and voice to attended any school they

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