Why Is The Patriot Act Important

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Have you ever wondered why the Patriot Act played a big part in history or why it is so important to us? Well the government has compromised our civil liberties through the use of the Patriot Act. They also abused our privacy which wasn’t fair for us. The history of the Patriot Act, the abuse of our rights, and the way everything ended made the Americans feel like they couldn’t trust their government because they felt like they were always being watched. Through the Patriot Act, the law enforcement agencies and the government are given wide optional powers to acquire information not only from suspected people but also from the law-abiding Americans. After attacks of September 11, 2001 the nation’s top priority is to defend its citizen from the terrorist using all information in the area. On that day many people died because a terrorist planed that crash, once that first plane crashed hundreds of people died and now hundreds are trapped, then the second plane crashed the other building causing millions people to die and many people trapped. We had over 400 firefighters and police there trying to help and trying to keep everyone clam. Every since this has happened, this is why the government has done this. Luckily it did because then they could track that guy down and send him to jail. The Patriot Act is time period when the government …show more content…

Lucky for this the government laid off the terrorist thing, the government still can read your text and see your pictures, all of toughs app’s ya’ll have, the internet has them and so does the government. Our phones have codes on them so that the government can track you down right to the house that you sent that

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