Patriot Act Pros And Cons

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More was Lost than Lives The day of the September 11 attacks was a terrible day that will be forever remembered. The attacks however did not only cost Americans their lives at the World Trade Centers, the Pentagon and on those planes; the attacks also took Americans’ freedoms. Following the attacks the unconstitutional Patriot act was passed, the inconvenient and ineffective Transportation and Security Agency was formed, and the NSA’s mass surveillance program was increased. While all of these actions were done in order to protect Americans from terrorism they have only succeeded in denying Americans the very rights afforded to them in the United States Constitution. The USA PATRIOT Act passed in the days following the September 11 attacks was passed to give law enforcement agencies more power to track and prosecute suspected terrorists. While stopping terrorism is a noble goal, eroding the constitutional rights of Americans is not. The Patriot act denies Americans their …show more content…

This governmental organization oversees security in airports and ensure the safety of commercial airplanes. However the TSA has failed in its duties and instead is only a nuisance to Americans that only delays them without affording them any added security. The TSA has been ineffective in stopping weapons and explosives from boarding planes. In security trials the NSA failed to stop ninety five percent of weapons and simulated explosives from entering planes. Annually the TSA costs American taxpayers over seven billion US dollars(The Transportation). The huge budget of the TSA combined with its ineffectiveness creates a huge waste of taxpayer dollars in a time when the US national debt was, as of April 2015, over eighteen trillion dollars(Patton). While the inefficiency and waste of the TSA pales in comparison to the problems presented by the NSA and Patriot Act it still needs

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