Why Is The Stamp Act Important To The American Revolution

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The Stamp Act was passed by the British Parliament on March 22, 1765. This new tax became imposed on all American colonists and required them to pay a tax on all printed materials. Printed materials included: ship’s papers, legal documents, licenses, newspapers, and even playing cards. To help pay for the costs of defending the American frontier, the Stamp Act was enacted. Ten-thousand British troops were stationed on the frontier, which the Stamp Act helped pay for them. Relatively small, was the cost of the Stamp Act. What made the colonists mad was not the immediate cost, but the standard it set. In the past, taxes were paid to help the government, not to raise money. Without the approval of the British Parliament, the Stamp Act was the …show more content…

A group of radical Patriots began to form called the Sons of Liberty. This radical group then took the protests of British taxes to the streets. Using fear, the Sons of Liberty made tax collectors resign from their jobs. This grouped played an important role in the American Revolution. The Sons of Liberty ended up hanging a tax collector on the Liberty Tree. The Stamp Act and Sons of Liberty eventually ended up leading to the Daughters of Liberty. A group of women Patriots who wove cloths to replace British boycotted goods. Samuel Adams and Paul Revere were the two leaders of the Sons of Liberty. However, their main leader was Samuel Adams. The Sons of Liberty abused tax collectors on the streets, and tarred and feathered them. Then carried them around the streets. The Sons of Liberty threw furniture out of Thomas Hutchinson’s mansion and started a bonfire. In my opinion, I think Britain helped us out. Only because if they didn’t tax us, we would never have the Revolutionary War. Without the Revolutionary War, we wouldn’t have our freedom. The taxes on tea and the Stamp Act was just ridiculous. Personally, I don’t think Britain meant to make us lead a revolt. They believed the Stamp Act was fair. I knew that once when the Stamp Act was abolished in 1766, there would be more taxes to come. The Stamp Act ended up being the beginning of a chain

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