Why Is The Stanford Prison Experiment Bad

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Stanford Prison Argumentative Essay

Have you ever felt like you have another side to you that is evil? There was an experiment done by psychologist Philip Zimbardo. The experiment's main goal was to find out if humans are really evil by nature, and the results show that everyone can be evil, but something has to cause a reaction in your brain where you have to use this "hidden evil" to survive. The Stanford prison experiment was a very beneficial and cruel experiment, but it was a necessary one at that; it opened our eyes to human nature and to how we adapt in our environment to survive. This experiment had a crucial influence on many people's beliefs that humans are evil by nature. It showed us the way an environment can bring out the "hidden …show more content…

Moore, it was found that when studying the genes, they react and change to their environment, and he found that some can essentially turn on and off, and it depends on which are turned on and off to determine our behavior. Essentially, he found that our genes and the environment we are in are always reacting with each other, and so is our behavior along with it. But this would not be the first time tests fail us; some tests get it wrong, so we as a society cannot put all our trust in a study or a test. Testing for many things is always advancing with the times, and soon today's way of testing things like DNA and such will be a thing of the past. There are too many uncertainties in this study that the psychologist cannot control. We have to take our own look at …show more content…

And whether you believe it or not, you too would be willing to do some crazy things in order to survive. There have been cases where a group of people go missing and become trapped in this place. Well, when this small group of people was found, it was just one person and whatever was left of their friends. This might not seem to be "hidden evil," but rest assured it is. "Hidden evil" is simply put as the Jurassic measure that one takes in order to

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