Why Is The Summer Important In The Great Gatsby

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Many authors use different techniques to communicate various ideas and feelings of the characters. The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, takes place in the roaring twenties and follows Nick Carraway and how his world changes once he befriends his new neighbour, Jay Gatsby. Gatsby is very mysterious to others, but Nick discovers that his determination to reunite with his true love, Daisy. Since Gatsby and Daisy have last seen each other, things have changed and it becomes obvious that is impossible to turn back time; especially considering that Daisy marries Tom and they now have a child. Nick watches everything unfold and learns many important things throughout this experience. To assist in portraying these meaningful events, the author …show more content…

The author mentions spring, symbolizing rebirth and hope, when Nick is explaining Gatsby and Daisy’s past to the readers. He talks about how Daisy wanted something, perhaps love, to assist in shaping her life; “That force took shape in the middle of spring with the arrival of Tom Buchanan” (Fitzgerald 151). Spring is not as important as summer, since most the novel takes place in the summer; symbolizing hope and the time of youth. Summer can also symbolize many other things, including no secrets, time of romance and time of potential. This is why Fitzgerald uses the summer to build the plot because the story revolves around Gatsby’s hopefulness to reunite with Daisy. On the day of Gatsby’s death, he complains about how he has never and used the pool and that, “There was an autumn flavor in the air” (Fitzgerald 153). Unlike, summer fall represents old age and that the end is approaching. Ironically, the first-time Gatsby uses his pool, is his last. He is trying to hold on to not only summer, but Daisy as well; he cannot accept the fact that they can never be together. In conclusion, Fitzgerald uses the seasons to connect the plot with the

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