Why Literature Matters By Dana Gioia

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In response to our society not reading literature as much as they should, writer Dana Gioia shows us the importance of reading as a society, he illustrates this in his article “Why Literature Matters”. He archives his argument by using cause and effect, persuasion, personal anecdotes, and by using research by scientists. Dana Gioia starts his story with a personal anecdote- “In 2001 the National Association of Manufacturers” did many studies on two different types of people in the work area; such as working full time and getting paid hourly. The study showed the number of people who weren't taught reading comprehension was higher than the ones who were. “38 percent of employers complained that local schools inadequately taught reading comprehension”. He shows us that even people in a higher working environment have complaints about reading comprehension. He then furthers his statements by using an article that was published in the 21 century- “the ability to create artistic and emotional beauty to detect patterns and opportune to craft a satisfying narrative”. He takes an author from wired magazine and shows us the things in our everyday life that contributes to reading. Everywhere around us is art, including reading. The more we read the more we gain ideological skills. (Gioia …show more content…

He is persuading his audience to read more by showing us what we can benefit from it and what the consequences with be if we don't. If we read more, it will benefit ourselves and others around us “reading is not a timeless, universal capability”. The more you read the higher your “specific intellectual skill and social habit depends on a great many educational, culture”. However, he then shows us we only gain something if we do something we're not to benefit from anything if we don't make a change “Americans lose this capability, our nation becomes less informed, active, and independent-minded”. (Gioia 1,

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