Why Ronald Reagan Won The Cold War?

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When talking about the cold war, it is easy to pick America's side and say that Ronald Reagan won the war. What most people tend to tend to leave out is the history behind the actual collapse of the soviet Union and the slow erosion that had been happening since world war two. Just because he was around when the union collapsed does not mean he was the main reason behind. In fact, Reagan and Gorbachev were known to be on good terms and they communicated all the time. The cold war wasn’t just caused by the Russians vs Americans. It was Capitalism vs Communism, which is not constricted to just those two countries. The Soviet Union had a major flaw. A communist model usually requires a dictator and as history would prove they become power mad and usually mistreat their people.…show more content…
Their economy was shot and the Baltic states were fed up with the Soviets leading the rest of the countries. There were many territorial disputes and again there are still disputes to this day. A great example is the dispute over the Ukraine. Just a few months ago it looked like America and Russia were going at it again, with people saying things like “Putin sought to keep Ukraine weak through corruption” -Joe Biden. The fight seems never ending and it appears that there may never be an end to it. All Reagan really did was close a chapter in the book of the cold war but there are still many unread stories and chapters. The collapse certainly did not mean the end of the cold war although many American history books will have you believe this. The Soviets could not keep up with their countries and states so they decided to secede and collapse the union which left Gorbachev to resign and watch the Union go. They were constantly criticized by the US for their flawed system and called it an “evil empire”. The soviets were very poor and seeing the way the westerners lived they were very upset with the soviet
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