Why The Articles Of Confederation Failed

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Articles of confederation, the first try at government; failed miserably for the colonists. In order to fix the wounds made by the Articles of Confederation a convention met in order to build a new government. The constitutional convention occurred in the months of of May to September 1787; this meeting was probably the most important in the history of the United States of America. Till that point America was separate states not a united country. Various state representatives met to talk about issues such as slavery and representation per state. One of the main issues was the power of the national government and the bill of rights. Colonists were terrified of a tyranny after the strict ruling of the King therefore many of them revolted against the idea of having a national government. Federalists were those who wanted a strong national government while Anti-Federalists fought greatly against a new government to rule over them. This power struggle lasted the whole convention, and the powers of the national government and our rights are still a major topic in the birth of …show more content…

That’s a huge difference between these two parties except they both created systems in order to ensure the government couldn’t possess too much power. The federalists created checks and balances which split the powers of the government equally therefore no one party had too much overbearing powers. Federalists created this to ensure the government couldn’t become tyrannous. On the other hand the Anti-Federalists fought for a bill of rights therefore ensuring their rights couldn’t be robbed by a tyrannous government. Both sides were scared to trust a government after the strict British rule while one was more willing to make a new government than the other. Along with that similarity both sides refused to ratify till there needs were met which means they both made comprises before they embraced this new

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