Why The Federalists Want To Ally Great Britain

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The original political parties in America differed on their views of allying with the British or the French. The Federalists wanted to ally the British monarchy, yet the Democratic-Republicans wanted to ally with the French. The Federalist party aspired to ally with Great Britain for because of its extreme stability. The Democratic-Republicans hoped for an ally with France because of the party’s previous positive relations and their support of the French Revolution. The Federalist party believed the strongest ally for our emerging country was the world power that was Great Britain. According to The American Journey textbook, the Federalists “admired Britain because of it’s stability” (291). This shows that the Federalists thought the United States should ally Great Britain because England was much more stable than France and was less likely to be conquered. The textbook also cites that Alexander Hamilton and the Federalists “distrusted France because of the violent changes following the French Revolution” (291). This violence could continue and cause France to become weak. These are just a few of the main reasons why the Federalists wanted to ally Great Britain. However, they had strong competition on this issue. The Democratic-Republican party thought that allying with the French government would insure prosperity. “The…show more content…
The Federalists wanted Great Britain as our main ally because of their stability. They distrusted how the French people would act during wartime as a result of the French Revolution. On the other hand, the Democratic-Republican party wanted to ally France because they supported their fight for freedom and previously had positive relations with the French government. In the end, the United States government headed by George Washington maintained neutral relations with both
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