Why The Minimum Wage Should Be Raised

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The feeling of working endless hours and days for years on end with no improvement in pay or life style is the reality for millions of people living in the United states. Those who have to struggle due to the fact that he/she wasn’t fortunate enough to get an education or have a chance to get an education and they’re for they have to live with the reality of making minimum wage in hopes to somehow make ends meet every month. The topic in which will be broken down today is the topic of minimum wage and how raising it would help ease or eliminate some of the issues which stem out because of it. The first reason to raise the minimum wage is it will reduce employee turnover. Yes, if employees have a decent paying job which they can pay their bills on time and still have some …show more content…

It would make the united states a better place it would reduce crime and poverty the lives of many would change children would have a chance at education and wouldn’t be put at risk of doing bad things cause their parents don’t have enough money to put them through school and things like employees not always wanting to look for a better job would be eliminated the whole idea of America becoming a better place would become achieved. It all just starts with the raising of minimum wage and its just a domino effect once the parents have enough money to pay the bill and put some aside the kids live happy and once the kids are happy the employee/ the parent is happy and once that happens the employee become more productive and when the employees are more productive the business becomes more successful and when the business becomes more successful and expands they are going to need more employees and when they need more employees there are more jobs so in the end raising the minimum wage would make the United states a better place better as a

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