Why The Pyramids Were Built?

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The Great Pyramids of Giza are some of the most fascinating and magnificent structures known to man today. The Great Pyramids of Giza were built during the Age of the Pyramids, approximately 2660 BC. These pyramids were among the first ever built and are the most famous throughout the world. It is accepted that the pyramids served as tombs for great pharaohs and royalty of the time. Although it is constantly questioned how the pyramids were built, another vital factor to consider is why the pyramids were built. Two of the most relevant factors looked at in relation to the reason for the pyramid’s construction is the Ancient Egyptian’s religion at the time and their knowledge of the skies and astronomy. However it is questionable just how significant and …show more content…

This documentary informs people on the society, culture and building of pyramids in ancient Egypt via the use of 3D graphics and reenactments of life in Egypt.

Value- This source is of great value as it focuses on many aspects of Egyptian life, but most importantly it pays close attention to the pyramids. It gives good background information to Egyptian society and gives viewers an accurate explanation and understanding via visuals. It touches on the physical labour and religious purposes for the pyramids being built.

Limitations- The one limitation to this source is that it does not provide any detailed mathematical, scientific or astronomical evidence relating to the pyramids and not enough religious background to Egyptian

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