Essay On Similarities Of The Great Pyramids Of Giza And The Parthenon

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Ancient architecture preserves history Two historical monuments with extraordinary architectural stories are rare to find still standing to this day. The Parthenon and the Great Pyramids of Giza are perhaps two of the most magnificent pieces of architecture the world has ever seen. In order to creates a better understanding of the importance of the two ancient structures the differences and similarities of the Parthenon and the pyramids constructions, functions along with relevance both then and now must be explored. The Parthenon and The Great Pyramids of Giza both share some similarities about the creation process behind them as well as some differences. They were both created by two extremely influential …show more content…

The Parthenon was envisioned by Pericles to create a statement to the rest of the world reminding them of how superior Athens was with the help of its government, way of life as well as their Greek values ("Parthenon Temple"). The pyramids with the need of all the manpower and knowledge required in order to develop the incredible blueprints and organize the creation of not just one, but three massive pyramids in ancient Egypt does show that the state must have had both economic and governmental stability ("The Importance"). The second relevance of the pyramids was to directly reflect the power held by the rulers of that time period ("The importance"). It is thought that the power of the different pharaohs can be measured by the sizes and measurements of their pyramids because of the large amount of both human and natural resources needed to be able to create something as monumental as a pyramid during the time period of ancient Egypt ("The importance"). The Parthenon was a smaller construction but nonetheless as important for the Greeks as the pyramids were to the Egyptians because of their own expressed symbols of

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