Why We Should Dodgeball Be Banned In School

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No Dodgeball! Crrraackk! Oh no my glasses just broke because that gorilla hit me in the face with a basketball! I think dodgeball should be banned in schools. A couple of weeks ago Elkton Maryland banned dodgeball because kids were getting teamed up on and injured. Principles had a meeting with the school board and the vote was 4 to 1 to remove the game. Dodgeball is not ok. Because if you're a kid that, maybe can't catch that great or your slow and you get out right away and sit on the sideline the whole rest of the period. That's not a good exercise. Also some kids try to get out on purpose! If children think that it's ok to do that then they get the idea that if there's a problem, you can just quit? Some people are so scared to play,

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