Why William Walsh Killed With Second-Degree Murder

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William Walsh was charged with second-degree murder for murdering, tampering evidence and criminal possession of a weapon. He had murdered his wife, Leah Hirschel Walsh, r on October 26, 2008. She was a special education teacher and she worked at the school for language and communication development. William and Leah were married for three years. He admits to choking her in their bedroom after an argument they had about him spending Saturday nights in Atlantic City with his friend and returning home at 2am. Walsh was twenty-nine years and a mortgage broker old when he committed the crime in 2008 he is currently thirty-five years old. He states that he covered the dead body with black trash bags and Leah’s dead body in the apartment where he …show more content…

Walsh then dumped her body and abandoning her car on the side of the Seaford- Oyster Bay Expressway near Plainview road exit, attempting to make it appear as she was carjacked. That isn’t the end of it. For two days to come William Walsh attempted to beg and plea to the public for information of his Wife’s location which was aired by the local news stations. He cried on Television and said that she would never do this to him and his children. She must be found. On October 29, 2008 William Walsh was arrested when his wife’s body was found. A Department of Transportation crew spotted Walsh running into his mustang and feeling. After he was brought to the precinct he later confessed to murdering his wife in a very long seven-page confession. During Sentencing William’s attorney, William Petrillo, from Rockville Centre objected to the prosecutions Statement that it was indeed premeditated. Petrillo states, that the crime occurred in the heat of passion. He also referred to probation report that stated Walsh prays for Leah’s family and he will never be able to find peace within himself. He also stated that His remorse was completely sincere and

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