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William Shakespeare is known to be one of, if not the best writer in the history, but was he really? Was all his best writing from his five years of education or all the support Queen Elizabeth gave to him when he went to London? Was Shakespeare the writer everyone thinks he was or did he barely do any of the work he was credited for? Many people think so, but many believe that he was all Queen Elizabeth and no Shakespeare. The Renaissance times started in the 15th Century, and the impacted Europe greatly. The word Renaissance means “rebirth”. The Renaissance was in between the Middle Ages and Modern history. The Renaissance was a time period of change, people started to believe in Humanism. Humanism was the study of classical antiquity. The …show more content…

His plays either fell in the comedies category, the histories category, or the tragedy category. During the end of his career his most famous types of writing were the tragedies and the beginning of his years were the histories and comedies. As well as his plays he created 14 line plays called sonnets, which he is least known for but still made beautiful stories throughout them. Throughout the support from Queen Elizabeth , William deserved the achievements he got. “William came up with a new kind of poetry. They were called sonnets which were 14 lines and made these mostly beautiful love stories.” (Frey,342). Shakespeare wrote 38 plays, 154 sonnets and 2 narratives throughout his lifetime. (Frey,342). He had amazing achievements but nobody knows that was really him was it Queen Elizabeth 's Support or William? “By 1957, 15 of 37 plays written by William were published (“William”). William was one of the first to come up with the words we use today (Rosen,80). William came up with a lot of the words in the English Language during his time in London. William wrote about three different types of writing, comedies, tragedies, and histories. William was very famous for these types of plays and is best known for those types. He is well known for sonnets as well, which were the 14 line poems he made popular and discovered. William earned himself a living in London for poetry and his playwrights which carried throughout Queen Elizabeth 's support. William died April 23 1616 in his hometown, Stratford-upon-avon. These achievements are very good, but did William really earn them? William would have had no chance for these achievements without the Queen. For all we know William might have not even wrote any of the work he is credited. Some people believe William might have not even been a person and that they have no evidence that William ever existed. William was all in all a good writer, but without Queen

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