Wilson And Gutierrez Pathos Ethos

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Wilson and Gutierrez, establish that colored people are misrepresented in the media. The authors use this as a way to open the eyes of the American society, that they are becoming to accustom to these racial bias. Wilson and Gutierrez use ethos to establish credibility on how colored people are misrepresented in the media and advertising. Logos plays a huge part with the statistics, helping the readers get a basic understanding on how these small percentages have a bigger meaning than what they lead on. Wilson and Gutierrez establish pathos when they say “Today, no major advertiser would attempt to display a black man or woman over media in a prejudiced, stereotyped fashion.” (Wilson and Gutierrez pg. 170) They are trying make the audience feel like they may try to stop it for a while, but that if African American’s were establish like that they would just brush it off as an accident. In page 170 the authors are trying to get a rise or maybe offend the Latino audience when they say “ a magazine advertisement featuring a stereotypical Mexican sleeping under his sombrero as he leans against a Philco television set.” ( Wilson and Gutierrez pg. 170) to make it look that its “okay” to perceive all Mexican’s like that. …show more content…

“ in a quoted interview with the advertising trade Advertising Age, institute director, quoted the catalog for the exhibit, which capsulized the evolution of images of people of color and how they have change” ( Wilson and Gutierrez pg. 168). This shows that though color people are being pictured more in the media or magazines, there are high expectations to be part of the pictures, they have some socially acceptable image. “Black and America is becoming visible in America’s biggest national advertising medium,” (New York times, Wilson and Gutierrez) This shows society that colored people being rejected to go on the media is becoming less of a

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