Winston Churchill Vs. Henry The V: Better The World

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Battle of the Brits
“Great men are not born great, they grow great”-Mario Puzo.
Henry the V was a man of strength that accomplished what he saw fit,often by using brute force.
Winston Churchill however was a man of integrity and intelligence that helped better the world.
Winston Churchill is a better leader than Henry the V because of his personality, morality, and concern for the people.
Henry the V was a cruel, brave, and cunning general that helped shaped Briton’s impact on the world .
Henry V was one of the best generals there ever was.
One of Henry’s greatest victories was when he stopped a “rebellion…at Shrewsbury” is proof of his genius (Commire, Klezmer 610).
Even at an early age Henry” [showed] close detail in his military planning …show more content…

Henry accomplished goals no one in the past had accomplished. One of his achievements was in “1420… [Henry] had won the crown of France” completing a quest his ancestors had started (Saul 1).
Another battle that people thought was lost was “Calais” but Henry won and took 1,000 prisoners (Commire, Klezmer 611).
Henry’s intellect and personality was the stuff that made him great.
Even though Winston Churchill had rough starts he was able to accomplish so much and effect the world. Churchill had a miserable childhood in the fact that he wasn’t paid much attention to. Born to a wealthy family “the young Churchill experienced a neglected and unhappy childhood” because his parents didn’t love him (Commire, Klezmer 251).
Winston as a child didn’t have a passion for learning “he loathed school” but he did learn the essential structure of English (Commire, Klezmer 251).
Churchill had, throughout his life, inspired the people of the world. During ww2 “Churchill had furnished … the people of the free world with determination and inspired leadership” that helped the war (Commire, Klezmer …show more content…

When Churchill went into the House of Commons he said “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears, and sweat” verify his devotion and hard work (Commire, Klezmer 251). The fact that Winston Churchill overcame a difficult childhood and helped shape the world proves his greatness. Though both Henry the V and Winston Churchill were great men, Churchill was a greater man.
The killing of prisoners by Henry the V was unnecessary and cruel. Granted that the killing of prisoner at times is necessary, and some deaths aren’t his fault such as “the 12,000[elderly]”that belonged to the enemy (Commire, Klezmer 611). However, he did “[have] heretics roasted alive” which was unnecessary and evil (Commire, Klezmer 610).
During ww2 Winston Churchill sided with the Soviet Union, a force of evil.
Churchill’s alliance was only temporary and said “if Hitler invaded Hell, I would at least make a favorable reference to the Devil” to defend his actions (Commire, Klezmer 255).
Later, Churchill “warned the western democracies to stand firm in the face of the growing threat of the soviet Union” after seeing the corruption himself (Commire, Klezmer

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