Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Major Accomplishments

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, an icon of the classical music who is still remembered as one of the greatest composers of all time. Mozart began composing at an early age showing an exceptional skill playing multiple instruments. In his short life he wrote hundreds of musical pieces, many of which are considered masterpieces. Mozart lived a short life, but made good use of every year by training and exposing himself to different styles which lead to the making of some of the greatest music out there. Mozart was on January 27th, 1756 in Salzburg, Austria and was raised in a catholic family by his parents Leopold and Maria Pertl. Mozart was the only male child in his family and Maria Ann. Mozart’s father Leopold was also a professional composer and he trained Mozart and Maria Ann since a very young age. However, due to the social believes in those times, Maria Ann had to give up music leaving Mozart to be the only one continuing his career as a musician. Many claim that Mozart began to compose at an age as early as 5 years old as said by the Bio. A&E Television Networks “…show more content…
His father Leopold was a composer and had been training him since he was three years old. “...he studied hard under his father to learn the techniques of established masters including Bach, Handel and Haydn” says [ citations]It is said that he began to compose music when he was five years old, so we could assume that his father heavily influenced his earlier work. During his tour around Europe along with his father and older sister, he had the opportunity absorb different styles while performing. while on his tour he had the priviledge to meet Johann Christian Bach who impacted the ideals of young Mozart. Mozart was also able to get familiar with the work of various composers such as Haydn and also Gregorio Allegri, Mozart was able to write the entire score from memory and only making minimal

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