Women And Prison: Why Women Committed Their Crimes

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1. Based on the first part of this video, develop a theory on how/why these women committed their crimes. Did you see any themes run through their stories that might help you understand their actions?

In the documentary, Women and Prison, it focuses on various women who have committed crimes that have resulted them being sentenced to prison along with their background history, what type of crimes they have committed, and why they have committed these crimes. After viewing this short film I personally have come up with a theory about why these women have committed these crimes based off of numerous factors that were provided. All of these women discuss what their life was like growing up and how they all commonly have struggled. One traumatic …show more content…

I personally have developed a theory on how much a person’s personal experience and background can impact whether or not someone may go through with committing a crime and why they would commit it. I believe that as a woman based on your past relationships and how you have been brought up can be a major risk factor towards how often that person takes place in deviance and commits crimes. The more likely a person is exposed to these “risk factors” the more likely they will take place in deviant acts and go through with committing crimes. For example, one woman in particular speaks of her upbringing and how she came from nothing. She describes living in a horrible neighborhood where she was forced to live with her own abusers believing that was all she would ever know. She then mentions having to sell her body to multiple people at one point just so she was able to have something to eat and a place to sleep for the night. This is a common example of not only differential association theory, but also strain theory. This woman was raised around people who taught her this was all she could ever be in life and even once she was able to escape these people she didn’t have the resources to create a better life for herself leading her to innovate and sell her own body. I believe if we the

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