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In “The Ghetto Made Me Do It”, by Francis Flaherty sets the stage that people or individuals who are raised in a limited environment surrounded by intense violence, are able to get away with crimes or receive lighter sentences than those who do not fall within that criteria. The author states that do to the extreme violent environment in which she was raised, is the bases for her actions, the same as someone suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The true meaning of this essay is to figure out if Felicia Morgan is responsible for her actions or just a product of her extremely violent environment. The essay starts off by depicting Felicia’s tragic childhood, in which, the author states these experiences: “When Felicia “Lisa” …show more content…

Furthermore, persons who lack guidance and fail to adhere with moral values of society will be ostracized and jailed. In this case, Felicia lacks the proper parental guidance and she was constantly abused. People who grow up in similar families or neighborhood as Felicia’s know no better and would take the path of violence. They grow up with the knowledge that the only methods of communication are violence and crime. They are not exposed to honest ways of living. Growing up surrounded by violence and other immoral behaviors renders persons vulnerable and they have a high probability of committing crimes in the future. People whose lives have been exposed to violence suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. As the disorder is a result of the stress the children undergo through and it builds up as they grow. Children develop the disorder from the beatings and deaths they witnessed as they grew up. When children suffer the PTSD, they are unable to control their behaviors. This can be reiterated by Flaherty writings “Morgan belongs to a very small group of inner-city residents with (tremendous intra-familial violence), only some of whom might experience PTSD” (2003). It is argued that everyone has had bad experiences and memories when growing up. As such, this should not excuse anyone from his/her actions. This means that one should be responsible for their actions irrespective of what influences

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