Women In Mona Lisa Smile

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In the film 'Mona Lisa Smile', the topic of women the way in which they are different to men is identified. The director portrays the women in the film as obedient and worthless through a variety of uses of camera shots and angles. Body language is also used to convey this characteristic. All of the students wear the same color sequence and same makeup, which is a sign that women follow tradition in attempt to be individual. In this film we see how Katherine Watson shows the many students at Wellesley how important it is to live by your own definition.Towards the end of this film we see how all the characters change and develop.

The film 'Mona Lisa Smile' is a movies based on women in 1950's. Tradition was that women were wives and only wives. Katherine Watson taught this …show more content…

Katherine Watson lives by her own definition in many different ways. From the beginning of the film we see Katherine in half light, suggesting that she is conservative and does not voice her opinion also gives us the impression of mystery, like all the other women in the film. Towards the end we see how Katherine Watson's opinion becomes valuable to the girls and now instead of seeing her in half light, we see how her whole face brightens up and we see her as a true leader. Katherine is most of the time framed within a frame giving us the feel of her, women in general, being trapped. From the day she arrives at Wellesley, her personality is completely different to everyone else, director Mike Newell portrays this in the differentiation of colours she wears compared to the pale and plain colours everyone else around her wears. The use of make-up has a huge effect on telling us her emotions, we notice how when she is doing something that she enjoys her make-up is perfect but throughout the other times it is plain and makes her look

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