Women In The Workplace Compared To The 1930's

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Women in the Workplace Compared to the 1930’s, things have really changed in the workplace. Especially with women. With the start of World War II women started their endeavor into the workplace. In the article “Scenes and Un-Scenes: A Woman’s Work” the photos really capture how women begun their work and moved up. The article’s images show the appeals of ethos, pathos, and logos in every picture to express how women have made their move in the workplace. Ethos is presented almost immediately in the first photo of the article with Rosie the Riveter. This photo is an ad created by the U.S. government to try and get women to work and replace the men who went off to war. “Rosie the Riveter was originally intended to represent the country’s short…show more content…
Rosie the Riveter shows logos because she, being the cover of the ad, is motivating women to take men’s jobs while they are at war. “…to recruit women into industries that had lost their male workforce to overseas fighting…” (432). The catch phrase “We Can Do It!” is supposed to motivate and show women that they can do any job a man can do. The image from the Hollywood film “9 to 5” also shows that women can do the same jobs that men can. The women in this movie end up owning their own company after somehow holding their boss hostage. They flipped the stereotype of only men holding high positions in the workplace. “Over the last few decades, our airwaves have been filled with movies and television shows that attempts the Rosie-like feat of placing women within positions of workplace authority traditionally occupied by men.” (435). Although the film is a comedy it could just be making fun of women running a company. “…this sort of role reversal has often been undertaken for comedic effect: a way of poking fun at conventional gender norms…” (435). The photo with Nancy Pelosi also shows logos because she became the first woman Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives in 2007. With the position, only being fulfilled by men in the past, this event was a mark in history for women. It was another move ahead in the workplace for women. Especially for women in politics. With all of the things women are capable of, it is only…show more content…
The comic by Jim Sizenmore provokes comedy. The comic is used to flip the gender roles in the workplace and make men the joke instead of women. “the phrase girl talk- uttered here by a female executive- gets transformed into a sly joke” (434). Women are usually made a joke in the workplace because many assume they cannot do the job a man can, but this comic made the woman the executive in a meeting, and turned it into her making a joke about the men. “…gets transformed into a sly joke, one that inverts conventional gender hierarchies by making men the object of humor.” (434). The comic takes a humorous poke at gender roles and stereotyping in the workplace. Pathos was also presented with Rosie the Riveter. “Rosie the Riveter stands as a pointed rebuke to the ways Americans have traditionally been taught to think about “women’s work.”” (432). The advertisement was made to motivate women and make them feel powerful. The makers of the advertisement wanted women to see that they can do the same things that men can do. The ad was just the beginning of women’s imprint in the workplace. The same idea was used in the image of Nancy Pelosi. She because the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives after that position was filled by 60 other men previously. She really broke the boundaries with women working. She was able to show millions of women everywhere that just because you are a woman, that it does not mean that you
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