Women Seem To Crave Chocolate And Men Dont Analysis

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While looking back through our different cultural time periods, it has been stated throughout that “you are what you eat”, but is that the factual truth? If this were the case, would women be known as chocolate for their feminist side and rather meat for men and their masculinity? Although men and women both can have chocolate urges at times, it is found far more women experience chocolate cravings for a variety of different reasons including the way a woman’s brain works, gender taste bud differences, and how our culture is socialized. One such woman who goes by the name of, Leigh Weingus, wrote the article The Real Reason Women Seem to Crave Chocolate and Men Don’t, which was published directly to elitedaily.com in high hopes of reaching an audience curious to the bias statement title. Leigh is a senior editor at Elite Daily, with a background knowledge in arts and …show more content…

Whether or not the story title was to strike you as familiar in your daily life, catch your eye while scrolling past, think it were to not to be true, or even want to read into it a little further because you’ve never heard a man say he was craving chocolate, Leigh Weingus caught your attention no matter what the circumstance. Though the article is strictly all words and no slides, videos, or slide shows, it makes for the audience having to be older, but then again the main focus and wording is directed toward men and women anyways. More than not, this article would catch your attention most if you tend to have chocolate cravings on the daily, so visual style or people who are not “chocolate lovers” would most likely avoid reading such nonsense. Although Leigh claims she is not trying to come between people and their chocolate, it’s hard to believe it when she makes you feel as if you are falling for a guilty

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