Women Sports In The Victorian Era

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Have you ever wondered what your life would be like as a lower class (poor), middle class (middle), or a upper class( rich) victorian era women? In the victorian era women sports were a touchy thing on if they should be able to or not be able to play them. The victorian era women actors ranged from the lowest (prostitute) to the highest (upper class opera singer). How women were treated (usually very nice) and there dress styles from low to high class reflected the type of person you or they were in the victorian era. In the victorian era women were only allowed to play certain sports (mostly inside sports). Women wanted to play sports and archery and swimming was thought of as a acceptable sport for women(Nancy F. Anderson pg 119). What this shows is that men only thought women were capable of certain sports. Men believed at the time that women could only do sports like archery, ice skating and swimming, which were tough sports yet they lacked any to little physical contact. Men treated women as if they were …show more content…

The women performed for middle class and upper class in operas, but the lower class went to party like music hall where there was singing and dancing (Clarice Swisher pg 73,74,75). The middle and upper class people usually went and watched expensive operas while the poorer part of the society went to a singing and dancing party. This proves that people were respecting women and going and watching them perform. Sometimes the low class performers needed to make a little extra money and the result wasn't pretty. In the mid 1900s around 10,000 low paid actors resorted to prostitution to make a few quick bucks (Clarice Swisher pg 80,81). This shows that some of the less talented performers had to make money somehow, so they turned to the easiest way they could think of. Men were still treating women as if they were not equals to them in this point of

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