Women's Movement In The 1960s

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The 1960s was a decade of rebellion and protesting all across the United States. Protesters were standing up for their beliefs and challenging the norms. Feelings of being surpressed and being infereior according to scoieties terms led the individuals to protest for change. Each movement set out to accomplish a different set of goals and raise awareness for their cause. The 1960s saw a huge variety of movements and marches all accross the country including the Environmental, American Indian, and Womens Movements. The Environmental Movement addresses the environmental issue and hazards that have been brought to the public's attention. Protests, a book, and a song were the rallying items of this movement by allowing the younger generation to get involved. The American Indian Movement was a response to President Johnson trying to integrate the Native Americans and pour funding into their reservations. Wanting independence from the United States and influenced by the Black Power Movement, they responded with their own Red Power Movement. One of the larger movements was the Women’s Movement where women began to protest for equally in the workplace and to dismantle the wage gap between the sexs. They also wanted to empower …show more content…

“Silent Spring” was released and showed the dangers of DDT, a common pesticide, sparking an outcry from environmental enthusiast. As a result of the movement and protest several acts were passed aimed at protecting the environment, including the start of the first Earth Day. Along with the first Earth Day, acts were passed such as Clean Air, Water acts, and Endangered Species Act. The Clear Air Act established air pollution standards, the Water Quality Act established water quality standards, and the Endagered Species Act established conservation methods for endangered species and the ecosystems they lived

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