Women's Role In Ww1 Essay

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Australia’s home front played a significant and important role in World War One. Thousands of people took the roles that were previously filled by men, organisations were created to support the soldiers, care packages were manufactured, charities were created to fund help, and various other things. In this essay, I will be covering the use of propaganda, women’s roles, the Australian government’s control of enemy aliens and their censorship of information.

During World War One, propaganda was used for various things such as to encourage more people to enlist in the army, for charities to collect donations, to create a strong hatred for the enemy and a sense of pride in their own country.

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However, he was unsuccessful, as both referendums resulted in a ‘no’ vote. Many Australians felt that conscription was a good idea and should be implemented, likely due to their loyalty to the British Empire, and wanting to do everything in their power to help Britain win the war. However the majority of Australians felt that conscription was an awful idea, even the soldiers on the fields didn't want men who didn't want to fight on the battlefield with them. Many women were against conscription due to the fact that they didnt want their sons, brothers, husbands and fathers dying at …show more content…

However, around 2000 women served in the Australian Army Nursing Service (AANS), 23 of these women died from illnesses or wounds during their time serving. Since many of the men in Australia were fighting, the women had to take charge; caring for their children and family alone without the help of husbands, brothers or fathers, all while suffering with the fear that their loved ones might not make it home. Women had to fill the shoes of men in the workforce, taking up jobs that women wouldn't typically do. Some of these jobs included being in the police force, railway work, farming, textiles work, bus conducting, postal working, engineering, working in the coal industry, ship building, ammunition factory work, nursing, tailoring, metal trades, food trades, and many other

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