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Why the U.S. FIFA Women 's World Cup victory is important for women in sports

World Cup soccer victory boost women 's sports and encourages young athletes
The U.S. Women’s National Team won the FIFA World Cup and broke many records along the way. More than 25 million people watched the final match against Japan, which made it the most watched women 's game in history and the most watched soccer game in the United States, men or women. Women 's and men 's sports have traditionally been miles apart in popularity, but the USWNT has made people take notice like no other women 's team in history. Building on the success of Team USA 's 1999 FIFA and 2012 Olympics victories, U.S. women’s soccer is closing the gender gap, inspiring a new generation of
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Support in the U.S. business community will likely increase exponentially -- at least for the immediate future -- to take advantage of greater soccer awareness, national pride and increased popularity with the marketing demographic of young women, which is a prime target of advertisers. Sports are largely financed by businesses through scholarships, television coverage and team sponsorships. The women 's soccer victory will result in more advertising resources and greater visibility of women in all types of sports.

However, the real impact of the victory isn 't confined to athletics. Women 's sports will probably never reach the level of men 's athletics because fewer women are as committed to sports as men. Most women don 't want to copy men 's tunnel vision and sports fanaticism or to create soccer widowers each summer. The women 's soccer team will definitely increase the commercial appeal of soccer and other women 's sports. The impact should also carry over to other areas of endeavor for women, such as graduating college, gaining greater influence in business and breaking glass ceilings in various industries and careers.

1999 FIFA victory
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Soccer fans are more likely to support marketing brands that align with the sport, and American businesses are sure to leverage this trend with increased marketing and publicity for women 's sports in general and soccer in particular. Women 's sports should gain substantial, sustainable increases in attendance, popularity and participation as a direct result of the 2015 victory.

FIFA faces increasing criticism
FIFA and American audiences have plenty of room for attitude improvements. The impact of the U.S. women 's championship and outspoken efforts of current and former team members are raising awareness about the inequities that women athletes routinely experience.

Women 's teams generate little interest and minuscule audiences when compared to comparable men 's sports. Women athletes are paid less, receive fewer commercial endorsements and suffer indignities like the high-profile snubs they received from their own governing body, the Fédération
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