World War 1 Outline

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World War One, a global war, was the beginning of changing of how wars would be fought. Many changes in both military and civilian technology began a result of "The Great War".

When Archduke Frany Ferdinand of Austria was assassinated by a Serbian nationalist in Sarajivo, Bosnia, in June 1914, threats escalated and mobilization orders followed.

The central powers, Germany, Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire,was pitiful against the Allied Powers, Great Britain, France, Russia, Italy, and Japan. In 1917 the United States joined the Allies.

In the four years of the Great War there was unpredictable levels of carnage and weaponry. This war was fought in the trenches with modern machine guns, tanks, and chemical weapons. By the end of World War One in November nineteen eighteen where the Central Powers were …show more content…

Tensions had in the Balkan region of Europe for years. Austria-Hungary saw the assassinations justification for setting the question of Slavia nationalism once and for all.

In July 28, 1914, the Austro-Hungarians declared war on Serbia. Russia mobilized in support of Serbia, Germany invaded the neutral countries of Belgium and Laxenbourg before moving toward France. The United Kingdom declared war on Germany. When the German march on Paris was formed. A battle of attrition fought in a trench line that changed little until 1917.

On the Eastern front the Russians successfully fought the Austro-Hungarions. The German army stopped Russia in its invasion of East Prussia. The Ottoman Empire joined he Central Power that went up the fronts of Caucasus, Mesopotamia and the Sinai Desert. In 1915 the Allies were joined by Italy and Bulgaria joined the Central Powers; Romania joined the Allies in 1916 and the United States joined in

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