Us Involvement In Ww1

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World War 1 began with Austria-Hungary declaring war on Serbia due to a conflict about murder of members of the royal family in Austria-Hungary. Serbia and Austria-Hungary both had different allies that joined the war shortly after. France, Russia, Britain and Canada joined Serbia in the war, and Germany joined Austria-Hungary. The United States declared that they would remain neutral in the war, a decision that most Americans supported. In early 1915, Germany declared that they were going to begin unrestricted submarine warfare, because they were trying to starve Britain of their resources. Unrestricted submarine warfare would involve torpedoing any ship that is sailing on the Allies territory. Germany had warned the United States that any of their ships travelling on British territory were doing so at their own risk. On May 1st, 1915, the RMS Lusitania set sail on its 101st journey from New York to Britain carrying 1,959 people and 173 tons of war munitions. Britain …show more content…

declaring war on Germany. Germany apologized to the United States for the sinking of the Lusitania, and pledged to end unrestricted submarine warfare. However, just 6 months later, a German U-boat sunk an Italian ship without warning. Over 270 people were killed, with more than 25 of them being American. Many people in the United States were starting to dislike Germany. In January 1917, Germany was desperate for a quick win in the war, and were ready to resume unrestricted submarine warfare, the only negative was that they suspected it would cause the United States to join the war. Nevertheless, Germany announced it was going to resume unrestricted submarine warfare against the Allies. Three days later, the United States ended all diplomatic relations with Germany, and just hours after this, an American ship was sunk by a German

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