The Pros And Cons Of The Geneva Conventions

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Inhuman acts have been occurring in the world since humans have been on the earth. Due to this fact we needed to have some rules to war. We all know war is brutal and hard on not only the people who are fighting but also the people who are strictly caught in the crossfire. We as a united world saw that some of the things that were happening were not ok even during the height of war. This is why the united nations created the Geneva Conventions and have continued to ratify them throughout time.
The Geneva Conventions are several articles that state acts that are illegal during times of armed conflict. There are four different conventions each containing an average of 107 articles. The first three were created before World War II. In 1864 the first convention was created and was put into place to protected the sick and the wounded on land during the …show more content…

What happened during this event was in August 19, 1915, during the first world war, an engagement between a British warship, the HMS Baralong and a German submarine also known as a U-boat took place. The HMS Baralong war classified as a “Special Service Vessel” (also known as a Q-ship). Q-ships are designed as decoys to draw out enemy submarines in order to engage and hopefully sink the ship. The HMS Baralong was successful two times while it was active. The successful mission was on August 19, 1915 which was when a war crime was committed. The HMS Baralong sunk at german U-boat, the U-27, and that was just a part of war, what they did next was the war crime. Many of the crew members of the U-27 escaped the ship and made it into lifeboats. That is when the HMS Baralong crew was ordered to execute all of the german soldiers that were still breathing. That was in direct violation of the second Geneva Convention. The Baralong Incident was one of seven war crimes (Penrose, 2) committed strictly in World War

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