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Between 1914 and 1918, a massive war known as World War Ⅰ took place. Here, European countries split up into the Allies and the Central Powers to fight one another. Throughout the war, they brought many of their alliances into the war to help them fight. However, these countries were not impacted the way that the European countries war since they did not fight on their soil, and many were not recognized for their actions. Therefore World War Ⅰ was mainly eurocentric due to the fact that it consisted of mainly European countries who dragged their allies and relations into the war to help them fight. To begin with, World War Ⅰ was mainly a eurocentric war. Even before the way this idea can be viewed. On a map, the members of the Triple …show more content…

These countries might have had relations with Europe if they were one of their colonies, or if they were already allies. Even from the beginning of the war, allies of these countries could be seen being dragged into the war by looking at economics. Throughout the war, America exported goods to France, Britain, Italy, and Germany. It was shown that from 1914 to 1918, the change of exports sent from America to France was 393% of the original amount of exports (3). However, the change from the beginning of the war to the end of the war in Exports in Germany was .08% of what it originally was(3). This was because, over the course of the war, Germany began to further attack the Allied Powers including France and Britain. However, Zimmerman Note was the main reason why the number of exports increased or decreased the way that they did. In 1915, Germany began unrestricted submarine warfare. After Germany realized that this could cause America to go to war with them, they decided to send Mexico a telegram. It said that if Mexico to help them if America decided to go to war on the side of the Allies, Germany would then help Mexico regain lost land such as New Mexico(5). After America found out about this note from the British government, they were enraged. This is because though they were trying to remain neutral, America was being dragged into the war due to fact …show more content…

This is in part due to the fact that they were not located near where the war was taking place, European countries acted as though they did not want to involve other countries, and that the reason the promise the freedom they hoped to gain for fighting was never achieved. In the Middle East, Hussein Ibn Ali, the Sherif of Mecca decided that he wanted his country to gain back their freedom. As a result, he sent a letter to the United Kingdom saying that he would help Great Britain if they would help them become free of the Ottomans(2). This allowed them to become part of the war, and eventually, they became free of the Ottomans. However, Great Britain ended up taking these Middle Eastern countries as their own and therefore once again limited their freedom. Since the Middle Eastern ended up becoming European, the war was only “global” to an extent since it was in another section of the world but it was centered around European issues. Another example of how this idea takes part in World War Ⅰ can be viewed when examining Africa's role in this war. Though most Africans were not involved in World War Ⅰ, many of the inhabitants of the French Territory helped France. Natives from these African territories began enlisted in France’s army and fought in locations such as the Western Front for the Allies in hopes of regaining their freedom (10). Though it impacted the

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