World War One-Personal Narrative

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It had begun, World War 2 the biggest battle of my life and first battle. I and my crew were already in the boats and an hour to the shore, we have finally arrived, and I was terrified and not sure why I have signed up for this! As the doors had opened, BANG! It was the Turks, loading up the machine guns and firing at us, I myself already had witnessed thousands of dead bodies lying on the ground, by just arriving to the battlefield. During later in the battle, we already lost 10,000 Australian soldiers, this then made myself, scared, frightening and not wanting to be here. My palms were sweating, as it was 30 degrees Celsius there and we kept moving. This pretty much me think of something, why are we here in the first place? Why do we have …show more content…

The civilians won’t clapping, they just were upset and saluted us with courage and honour. I felt upset to as, we had gave up our own lives for nothing. As it seems like that war seems to be a waste of human life. By looking at the damage it has done for families, who had lost their own sons, they won’t smiling, they knew that they would lose a loved one. When it had come across the next day, no one was inside, everyone was outside! It was the day that we brought back allot of dead bodies, from our battle. It was again a hard and sad day/moment, for the civilians, and us soldiers, who had survived the biggest battle of our lives. When we stated the ceremony, which was honouring the fallen soldiers, myself and the rest of the soldiers were saluting to the graves, by showing respect, commitment, and honour again to the fallen. But as I was being a part of the ceremony, I again kept thinking, why do we have to kill others? Why can’t we just live in a world, with peace, respect and not such a violent world? It kept again shrinking into me, I just felt weird, confused and disappointed, as the same time, by why I had to kill my own and why did I

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