Earth Boom Dbq

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Some people could say that the soldiers that were in and lived through the the war are brave because of the lifestyle they lived for over a year, and I agree, mainly because of the harsh conditions they came in experienced with. In source one it mainly discussed on how the soldiers started in the and discuss the idea on how the soldiers thought it was going to be like instead of that it was actually like. It was unlike anything they 've ever came across in previous wars, it got so bad to the point where the soldiers had to hold on to their things making sure they were alive and their. In conclusion, source one, “The Earth Booms” spoke about the soldiers and what they went through just in the beginning of the war and how they tried to overcome it. …show more content…

RATS, yes even in the man-made trenches of which to protect the soldiers from the enemy also became a home to these disgusting, cat sized, evil, and naked faced rats, who fed off of the dead and or fallen troops of the war and they soldier 's bread making them be more cautious on where they put their bread because of the hideous rats. As if rats weren 't enough excluding the war, the storm-troops came in contact with harsh weapon machinery, it being so bad that if you were hit you 'd fly back and an arm shot off and leaving the victim hanging on barbed wire entanglement, and these were just some of the horrible things that happened. In conclusion, the rats and new machinery just caused more problem for the soldiers during the war, making it even more

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