Write A Rhetorical Analysis Essay On Mary Ann Shadd Cary

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Mary Ann Shadd Cary, who was an abolitionist, a lawyer, and a publisher, worked with the fugitive community to help the fugitive slaves who crossed the border into Canada. As the injustice against slaves escalates in the United States, Shadd Cary wants her newspaper to deliver outcries of the fugitives slaves. In her passage, Shadd Cary uses metaphor, logical appeal, and rhetorical questions in order to convey her message that the newspaper is needed. In the first paragraph, Shadd Cary uses metaphor to describe the importance of the newspaper. She states, “We need an organ, too, for making our voice heard at home” (line 1-2). Shadd Cary characterized the fugitive slave’s community as a body, but a body without a voice. Her metaphor illustrates that her newspaper is a way to provide that mouth-piece” and “voice”. Shadd Cary claims that by having a newspaper, the community of fugitive slaves without voice can let others know what they want and who they are. Thus, it supports Shadd Cary’s argument of that her newspaper is necessary. Another technique Shadd Cary uses in her editorial is logical appeal. She believes that fugitive slaves should fight for their rights. She states, “we should …show more content…

She ends the first paragraph with “Is not that plain?” after she explains that the community of fugitive slaves who don’t have a voice needs her newspaper to express themselves. Shadd Cary also ends her last paragraph “Do you agree with us?” The simple and yet straightforward rhetorical questions establish a tone of authority. Shadd Cary’s audience is the community of fugitive slaves most of whom are not educated, so her tone is somewhat forceful in order to convince them to agree with her, leaving them with no little option. Her use of rhetorical questions compels her audience to believe that the newspaper is indeed required for the

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