Wu Seal Persuasive

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The two sculptures on campus that I chose for this field trip essay are the “3D version of the WMU seal” and “The Professor”. The “3D version of the WMU seal” is an iconic sculpture that is practically new. The iconic sculpture was designed by Joshua Diedrich. The statue which is a representational sculpture of the West Michigan University seal is situated in front of Sangren Hall pedestrian mall in the turn around. Its design was commissioned in 2014 and completed in April, 2015. The sculpture’s location is open thereby making it easily visible and it is also easy to access as well. The 12 ft tall statue’s core component is the seal which measures 12 ft in diameter. The seal which is cast in bronze features brown and gold granite setting as …show more content…

The sculpture of the professor is just as equally iconic and famous as the “3D version of the WMU seal”. The sculpture which is made only of bronze depicts a human sized figure of a male professor who is on the move. The male figure is capture in a walking motion with one book on the left hand while his right holds an open book that he appears to be reading. In terms of the sense of shape, the sculpture is hard edged and rough. However, the rough feature of the sculptures surface contributes to its appeal. In terms of context, the sculpture does not represent the West Michigan University directly but rather reflects on the general sense of university or college life; at least from the perspective of the faculty members who directly relate. The sculpture of the professor was constructed by Danny Smith, a printmaker, painter, and sculptor who resides in Utah and is known for other sculptors around the university such as the “Campus Talk”. The sculpture of “The Professor” which forms part of the West Michigan University’s permanent collection of artworks was dedicated and installed in the year

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