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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of SQL

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    1. SQL History: SQL A structured query language used to delete, insert, update, and retrieve data from databases. It began in 1970 when Dr. E.F Codd published a paper entitled "A Relational Model of Data for Large Shared Data Banks." This paper described a new way of organizing data into a database and led to relational database systems that we use today. While the paper of Dr. Codd defined the structure, his colleagues Donald D. Chamberlain and Raymond F Boyce in IBM were developing the query language

  • Sql Server Analysis Services Case Study

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    Introduction SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) is a data mining tool developed by Microsoft Corporation which is used for Online Analytical and Transaction Processing and also for data mining in Microsoft SQL Server. SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) is a technology from Microsoft Corporation from its Business Intelligence unit. This is a powerful tool used in the area of data warehouse. Below is the list of Interview Questions mostly asked for SSAS 1. What is SQL Server Analysis Services

  • Olap Operation Lab Report

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    • Limited by SQL functionalities: Because ROLAP technology mainly relies on generating SQL statements to query the relational database, and SQL statements do not fit all needs (for example, it is difficult to perform complex calculations using SQL), ROLAP technologies are therefore traditionally limited by what SQL can do. ROLAP vendors have mitigated this risk by building into the tool out-of-the-box complex functions

  • Five Characteristics Of Big Data

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    refers to as ‘Big Data’ or a “buckets of data “. These big data leads many challenges for appliance that how to store, manage and analyze data. Previously, the traditional relational database are use to store and manage big data through standard SQL language but now huge growth in the Internet market generate uncountable data every second so overcome the problem of storing and managing that big data the new kind of technology is developed which is known as NoSQL. Now a daysNoSQL is a very popular

  • Constraints In Database Management

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    Integrity: Database displays the integrity. It means that accurate reflection of its UOD. The process of ensuring integrity is a major feature of modern information systems. The process of designing for integrity is a much neglected aspect of database development. e.g. Extension: Company Modules: Computer Science Department Marketing Department Electronics Department Employees:

  • Unstructured Data Case Study

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    CHAPTER - I INTRODUCTION 1.1 What is Unstructured Data? Unstructured data is a generic label for describing data that is not contained in a database or some other type of data structure . Unstructured data can be textual or non-textual. Textual unstructured data is generated in media like email messages, PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, collaboration software and instant messages. Non-textual unstructured data is generated in media like JPEG images, MP3 audio files and Flash video files

  • Disadvantages Of Database Management System Essay

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    Fundamentals of Database Management Systems What is a Database? Database is a collection of data. Mostly the data in the database specially focus on a one organization and have relationship among them. Earlier times those databases were file base databases and not computerized .While using those file base databases many errors occurred and there were many Disadvantages. Nowadays Databases are computerized. What is a Database Management System? (DBMS) DBMS is a Software Designed to assist in maintaining

  • Advantages Of Teradata

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    of PL/SQL PL/SQL has the following advantages: • SQL is the standard database language and PL/SQL is strongly integrated with SQL. PL/SQL supports both static and dynamic SQL. Static SQL supports DML operations and transaction control from PL/SQL block. Dynamic SQL is SQL allows embedding DDL statements in PL/SQL blocks. • PL/SQL allows sending an entire block of statements to the database at one time. This reduces network traffic and provides high performance for the applications. • PL/SQL gives

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of LINQ

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    into 2 type of syntax which is Lambda (Method) Syntax and Query (Comprehension) Syntax. However, both syntax also involve the use of extension method. Moreover, LINQ can be used to extract data from various data sources such as LINQ to Objects, XML, SQL and etc. as long as the LINQ provider are available. Diagram 1.1 LINQ architecture The top of the chart shows that the programming language that able

  • Database Management System: Legacy Database Systems

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    Legacy Database Systems What is a Database? Data is collection of facts and figures which can be processed to produce information whereas a database is a collection of related data. For Example, Name of a student, age, class and the subjects can be counted as data for recording purposes. And the names, telephone numbers, and addresses of the people which have been recorded in an indexed address book or stored on a portable hard drive using software such as Microsoft Access or Excel. This collection

  • Obc And Odc Case Study

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    ODBC was created by SQL Access Group in 1992 at any given moment there were no standard medium to convey between a database and an application. It doesn't rely on upon a particular programming dialect or a database framework or a working framework. Developers can utilize ODBC

  • Relational Database Case Study

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    10th January (2008). Introduction to Relational Database-Part I: Theory Foundation. Ashith Trivedi.6th February (2014).Mapping Relational Database and SQL Susan Harkins. 30th April(2003). Relational Database: Defining Relationship between Database Tables. 2. Ad hoc reports: The term “Ad hoc queries” indicates that gathering data out of the database that should be more helpful for people who are using

  • Database System Advantages And Disadvantages

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    Edgar Codd which provided a simple conceptual design for use of a table of records where all the tables will be linked in one to one, one to many or many to many relationships. In data manipulation it brings many resources in to a common query (eg: sql), free from delete and update anomalies. In early 80’s this system was a bit slow due to no use of physical storage pointers and record placement to access records but later is was eliminated with the development of storage and indexing techniques

  • Information Retrieval System

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    Analysis of database management and information retrieval system Modern organizations use one or more of the following system: database management system, information system and information retrieval system in order to store and retrieval their information / data efficiently. Question 1 Differentiate between database management system and information retrieval system by focusing on their functionalities. Database management system is a software system that enable user to define, create, maintain

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Distributed Database Systems

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    Even if a system fails the integrity of the distributed database is maintained. vi. A distributed database is secure. 2.2 Disadvantages of distributed database i. Since the data is accessed from a remote system, performance is reduced. ii. Static SQL cannot be used. iii. Network traffic is increased in a distributed database. iv. Database optimization is difficult in a distributed database. v. Different data formats are used in different systems. vi. Different DBMS products are used in different

  • Database Administration Research Paper

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    An attacker can gain access to databases in different ways. But before describing how to protect databases and systems, let us take a look at different attacks that can be carried out by attackers to destroy the Databases and the system at large: i. SQL injection: This is the type of attack whereby back end user of the database supplies codes that are aimed to destroying the database functionality. The attacker may want to gain access to data in order to acquire some important information about the

  • Relational Database Management System Advantages And Disadvantages

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    fitted into some particular groups. These tables have data in the forms of rows and columns. Relational databases allows the user to update delete add and access a data entry from the tables. This is done by the help of structured query language, or SQL. SQL also provides users the facility to manipulate and query data in a relational database. It also provides the facility of multiple users can access the data that can be controlled by individual

  • Examples Of Performance Evaluation

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    I performed testing on two database systems and compare them with different criteria of performance measurements to find out the best one in terms of usability and efficiency. Two databases that I have used for the evaluation purpose are Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 2012 and Oracle 10 g. I used different type of data to be run on both of them. Firstly I used datasets of different size found on web and secondly I extract data from specific website through data scrapping using C# .net Framework

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Relational Database Management System

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    Relational Database Management System: This type of database management system that stores the data in the form of related tables. It is a social database administrator which deals with some typical kind of queries and uses SQL for the development of the database. This type of database is a very powerful database as it deals with the relations which makes the data manipulations easier other than any other database. It has the features of data entry, data deletion, and creating of new entry and records

  • Limitations And Disadvantages Of Online Shopping In Shopping

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    1 Introduction 1.1 Introduction to System In today world everything is online ,from buying products to selling products to searching life partners then why gardening is offline?? Thus, we came up with an idea of online Nursery where people can buy plants and other gardening tools from home itself… It is desirable to have a real time interactive system to ease and suitable for online shopping of plants and gardening tools . An online nursery shopping website consist of database for