Xerxes: Text Analysis

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There is no question that a lot has changed in different eras in history. As we grow in the world traits, traditions, and leaders are passed on to new generations development. What makes an impact on history, relates to purpose of learning what happened before us and why. The text about Xerxes shows both importance or what was then and now.
Written many years after Ahasuerus who ruled from 486 to 465 BCE this text has history behind it. The events that took place during this time, mixed with the way of life could have made a big impact on the power of king in this text. The era of time that a text or article is written will always give a different view for many reasons. As stated this text was written years after 465 BCE, this text is not modern day so the views associated will be vastly different.
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Esther was given unknown power by king Xerxes. When Esther first requested things they were simple banquets, eventually she realized the situation and took care of a very important matter for her people. This text is important to society now because much of today’s society argues woman 's power.
Women’s power today can be compared to the power that was given to Esther, If a women has the chance to handle a negative situation typically it has to be passed down by men. Fairness comes to mind also when reading this text, relating to what it took for Esther to accomplish such a serious matter. The severity of having Haman killed to save her people from harsh harassments should have been requested without the kings say so.
The twenty first century does learn from history currently, because of the related situations. Only era’s of time and ways of life have changed since the BCE and BC era’s, reading this text surprisingly brought up the a situation of how women 's power has not changed much since this

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