Yann Martel's Response To The Movie 'Life Of Pi'

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1.10 Responses Response #1 1.10 Life of Pi Yann Martel Film Matthew Thorburn The film ‘Life of Pi’ is about a survival experience stranded on a boat with a Bengal tiger. In their journey together they form some sort of friendship. This would seem unlikely as tigers are known for killing humans but the two of them learn to respect each other’s territory on their boat. When I watched this film it made me think of the difficulty of being able to survive on your own. Especially when you’re in dangerous place. It made me think of this because Pi only relied on luck to survive. He wouldn’t have been able to survive otherwise. He was always was just at the verge of death when something keeps him alive. Eventually on the journey it all turns bad. They have run out of food and water, and they are both slowly dying. Luckily they end up on an island with fresh water and food. Throughout their journey their survival skills are tested to the limit and are required for them to survive. Today in society everyone assumes that tigers and other animals are just vicious animals, when actually, they can be tamed. This shows how assuming everyone is today, when they don’t even know for themselves what is true, and what is false. An example of this is at the end of the film Pi is being interviewed about what he had been through. The interviewers did not believe Pi as they thought animals would never behave like that. This is relevant to today’s society because most people can’t believe

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