Young Men's Christian Association: A Case Study

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The establishment of the Young Men 's Christian Association better known as YMCA, was in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1885. Originally founded in England by George Williams in an attempt to assist the unhealthy conditions created by the industrial revolution, the program was picked up in 1851 for similar reasons. It wasn 't until 1866, that New York established a YMCA in order to advocate the improvement for spiritual, mental, physical and social conditions. The establishment in Massachusetts was a training center for directors to develop in all areas, afterwards, the fully trained directors were transferred to centers that were in the beginning stages of development. As the program reached further states, gymnasiasms were constructed with swimming pools, an organized summer camp with promotions of newly founded sports such as basketball and volleyball, with daily exercise procedures for young men were provided. With Dwight L. Moody and John Mott guiding the movement of the YMCA, thousand of foriegn secretaries carried out missonary work. It wasn 't until 1950 that the YMCA began admitting females and expanded promotions to involve family members of all ages. George Williams was a twenty-two year old farmer that had converted to a department retailer and was dismayed at the environment that had occurred due to the industrial revolution…show more content…
The YMCA has provided more than just family environment and educational assistanace; during the world crisises of Nine-Eleven in 2001, the Pacific Rim tsunami in 2004, HUrricane Katrin in 2005 and the earthquake in Haiti in 2010, the YMCA raised rebuilding efforts and designed multiple programs to offer relief and hope in the affected areas. The YMCA has implemented programs to raise awareness for Diabetes, and assist participants to lose weight and increase physical activity. The donation of more than seven million meals and snacks to 70,000 children suffering from famish began in 2011 with the support of the Walmart

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