Allergy Essays

  • Food Allergy Research Paper

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    Abstract: Food allergy is defined as an adverse immunologic response to a dietary protein. Food-related reactions are associated with a broad array of signs and symptoms that may involve many bodily systems including the skin, gastrointestinal and respiratory tracts, and cardiovascular system. Food allergy is a leading cause of anaphylaxis and, therefore, referral to an allergist for appropriate and timely diagnosis and treatment is imperative. Diagnosis involves a careful history and diagnostic

  • Allergy Research Paper

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    Do allergies cause joint pain? Overview Many scholars and researchers have explained allergy as a reaction in the body’s defends system popularly known as the immune system. It is normally caused many substances which are harmless and they include dust from a house or along the road, some food and pollen. The medical researchers believe that these allergens are not harmful to a person’s immune system, however; it produces a response that is not appropriate. There are several signs and symptoms

  • Food Allergies Research Paper

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    Food allergies are an unpleasant and dangerous immune system reaction after a certain food is eaten. Food hypersensitivity is another name for food allergies. Some allergies experienced in childhood may resolve in adulthood (G., 2016). When particles of certain types of food enter our bodies, and they are called antigens. When your body is sensitive to that particle, it is mistaken by the harmless element for a dangerous invader, according to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology

  • Peanut Allergy: A Short Story

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    My Story On What It is Like To Have A Severe Peanut Allergy I was a mere three-year-old at the time, transfixed eyes wandering up at my mom watching her devour some seemingly delicious cashews. “Can I try one?” I questioned with a huge grin plastered onto my face. “Of course!” my mom warmly replied back at me, handing me what I wished for. Within seconds, my entire face blew up, cheeks bigger than a chipmunk, eyes bigger than a fly, hives redder than a tomato; I had no idea what was happening. My

  • Food Allergies: Are Schools Doing Enough?

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    are lactose intolerant. You go to pay, with only a little bit of mashed potatoes and fruit on your tray. Schools do not have enough lunch options for kids with allergies. 1 in 13 kids is affected from a food allergy and 40% of these kids have life threatening reactions. This is why I believe schools should make

  • Anaphylactic Shock Case Study

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    ABSTRACT Anaphylactic shock is an extreme lethal allergy to certain foods, medications, or insect bites. It is an allergic reaction that can involves all systems in the body. Rapid intervention is very important because the patient may suffer from hypotension, loss of consciousness and death. This case report will describe a lady who presented with acute generalized body itchiness associated with difficulty in breathing and near fainting episode and was then diagnosed to have anaphylactic shock.

  • Essay On Mass Hysteria

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    Mass hysteria (also known as collective hysteria or group hysteria) in psychology is defined as an imagined or assumed threat that causes physical symptom among a large number of people. It spreads rapidly through rumours and fears. Mass hysteria is often characterized by the rapid spread of conversion disorder, a condition where people start complaining about their health without any sound basis of it. This phenomenon is known as Mass psychogenic illness. It is seen that in such instances, psychological

  • Essay On Food Additives

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    Explain the benefits of food additives. In theory, additives are supposed to be safe. However, they can provoke allergic reactions in some children. Foods which contain the highest amounts of additives are sweets, savoury snacks, desserts and snack bars. Some of the most common additives in foods which you should look out for on labels are: Colourings: Tartrazine (E102) Sunset Yellow (E110) Carmoisine (E122)

  • Essay On Dust Mites

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    Indoor allergens Overview: Allergy to dust mites, pets is an allergic reaction to tiny insects and the pet animals that commonly live in every home. Signs of allergy dust mites are those common to hay fever such as sneezing and runny nose. Many people with allergies to dust mites develop signs of asthma, such as wheezing and various respiratory difficulties. Dust mites are similar to a spider, but are too small to be seen without a microscope. Dust mites eat skin cells, and thrive in warm, moist

  • Allergic Conjunctivitis Research Paper

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    Allergic conjunctivitis Description Allergic conjunctivitis is inflammation of the conjunctiva caused due to allergy. It is mainly caused by air borne allergy contacting the eye. Specific IgE causes local mast cell degranulation and the release of chemical mediators including histamines, eosinophil, chemo- tactic factors and platelet activating factors that lead to inflammation. Allergic conjunctivitis occurs more frequently among those with allergic conditions, with the symptoms having a seasonal

  • Speech About Asthma

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    Hippocrates, the first case of asthma was found in China in 2400 BC. Asthma is caused by many different things for instance, if you have a blood relative (parent or sibling) with asthma there is a chance you might have asthma due to genetics, many allergies cause you to have a higher chance of having asthma such as eczema and hay fever being overweight and smoking also increase your chances of getting asthma because of severe breathing problems and lung pollution even if you don’t smoke secondhand smoking

  • Persuasive Essay On Pandas

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    Pandas are cute cuddly and one of the most beloved animals in the world. Sadly, their numbers have declined and there are only 1600 pandas left living in the wild. Do you ever ask why? That’s the mission of many conservationists, but should this be at any expense? That is the dilemma that is facing the animal world right now; should we save pandas or should we allow them to become extinct? The emotive photos of pandas in the internet is the only reason why everyone is in love with them. In reality

  • Unhealthy Eating Case Study

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    Written Assignment Unit 2 by Elie Arslan Unhealthy eating or poor diet is a health behavior that I found myself engaging in the past two years. Since my promotion to a Quality Manager position, I work and travel a lot to audit different clinical suppliers domestically and internationally. Unfortunately, food is sometimes the last thing I think about when I am working. When I wake up in the morning, I skip breakfast and leave home to start work at 7:30 am. When I arrive at work, my executive assistant

  • Essay On Bronchial Asthma

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    Bronchial asthma What is Bronchial asthma? It is a chronic inflammatory disease of the lungs that made the airways to swell and narrow, hence results in periodic "attacks" of coughing, shortness of breath, wheezing, and chest tightness. This problem can affect any one despite of any age group or gender. Bronchial asthma mainly depends on a number of environmental and hereditary factors. What are the symptoms of Bronchial asthma? The symptoms of Bronchial asthma can vary from person to person and

  • Acute Asthma Attack Case Study

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    ¬ Acute asthma attack refers to a single episode while chronic asthma refers to a long-term condition. Acute episodes are triggered by type I hypersensitivity reaction to an inhaled antigen. Type I hypersensitivity begins when an individual is exposed to a specific allergen and for some reason, develops IgE antibodies from B lymphocytes, these antibodies then attach to mast cells in specific locations which ultimately creates sensitized mast cells. When the individual is re-exposed to the same

  • Food Allergies

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    Children’s Food Allergies Affecting Health In the article, Children 's Health: Infancy through Adolescence, Ed. Jacqueline L. Longe, states that, Food allergies are the body’s abnormal responses to harmless foods. The condition affects 6 to 8% of children age 4 and younger. It is very likely for children to be exposed to allergens at school, which means parents and other officials must provide a health safety plan. There are nearly 160 foods that create allergic reactions and almost 90% of reactions

  • Animal Testing: Painful, Death-Threatening Experiences

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    Animal testing has been getting worse and worse by the minute; 100 million animals die each year from the painful, death-threatening experiences. Animal testing has been around since 322 BC. Some people believe no living creature should ever be treated like that and be put in treacherous experiences that they have no say in to stop them. Others think it is a great, more realistic way for testing products we use on an everyday basis. People all over the world say it's the closest thing were ever going

  • Eczema Skin Disease

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    Eczema Skin Disease Eczema alludes to an unending incendiary skin condition, described by dry skin, with patches that are red and seriously irritated. These patches of eczema may overflow, turn out to be textured, crusted, or solidified. Side effects can run from mellow to extreme, and the condition can contrarily affect personal satisfaction. Dermatitis can happen anyplace on the skin and is normally found on the flexors. There are numerous sorts of eczema, with the most widely recognized one being

  • Essay On Sugar Allergy

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    What is a Sugar Allergy? It’s hard to escape sugar—it’s in a lot of the foods that you probably eat on a daily basis, with the obvious being foods like fruit, desserts, sodas, pastries, ice cream, and dairy products. But, you may not be aware that it's also an additive in many other favorite foods like sports drinks, cereals, bottled condiments, salad dressings, and more. Sugar acts as one type of fuel source for the body’s cells, so it plays a significant role in providing your body with energy

  • Conjunctiva Research Paper

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    INTRODUCTION Inflammation of the conjunctiva is called conjunctivitis.It may be infective or allergic either in acute or chronic form.Types of conjunctivitis are Infective, Allergic, Chemical &Traumatic.Infective or allergic conjunctivitis present in acute form or in chronic form and are characterized by hyperemia, watery secretions (lacrimation), itching anddischarge.Hyperemia varies in degree and in distribution.The secretions vary in nature and in amount. The nature of secretion is sometimes