Aura Essays

  • Aura By Carlos Fuentes: Mexican History

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    Marco Pérez Dr. Rony Garrido The short novel, Aura, by Carlos Fuentes creates a mythical reality to reference Mexican history. He uses Aura, Felipe Montero, and Consuelo as a reflection of the past and the present, where for example, Consuelo represents the past and Felipe the present. In this paper I will explain how the love story of Felipe, Aura, and Consuelo represent Mexican history. In addition this paper will explain how myth breaks down into different elements, such as religion, legends

  • The Concept Of Aura In Art

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    of art. How can something so fluid be grasped? In this essay I will explore the word aura, and how it relates to art. I will argue that the connections we get when looking at art is unreachable and cannot be related to either space or concept. Aura, according to Merriam-Websters Dictionary(2016) is described as “a special quality or feeling that seems to come from a person, place, or thing». The concept of Aura in art, originated from the German philosopher Walter Benjamin in 1935. It is attached

  • Aura Martinez Biography Essay

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    education is highly average and has a surprising interest for math. She’s always ahead of the game making every point towards her education count. Many people whom don’t know her as well think of her as an average student attending Sylmar High School. Aura Martinez is more than average. Her actions for a good education speak for themselves. Tall and slender is your first physical imagery. She is also very shy, causing her face to become this ripe red tomato letting you know she is being uncomfortable

  • The Truth In Walter Benjamin's Diary Of The Dead

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    of an aura that makes them legitimate. Jason’s claim to aura is “truth”. How does the film treat this claim? Before discussing DOTD it’s important to understand what aura is. Benjamin describes aura as mystifying a process, “We define the aura of the later as the unique phenomenon of a distance, however close it may be. If, while resting on a summer afternoon, you follow with your eyes a mountain range on the horizon or a branch which casts its shadow over you, you experience the aura of those

  • Sexual Connotations In Advertising

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    In today 's day and age, the rise in sexual connotations and auras in advertising are at a level never experienced before. The massive competition that troubles the ever so increasing number of marketing sellers has led to some very engaging marketing approaches. The most controversial and thought-provoking of these has to be sexual connotations. These auras ' focus not just on erotica, but on sexuality and gender undertone as well. They are becoming a sort of norm where one is not be startled to

  • Female Portraits In Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo

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    In Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo, it is the second category of women portrait that is represented: the mother figure, the main female character identifies with. The movie follows the story of John Ferguson surnamed "Scottie", a detective who is hired to follow his client’s wife Madeleine. The client is worried for his wife because she is obsessed with the life of one of her dead ancestor who killed herself. He fears that she is going to repeat the same mistakes. The portrait of Carlotta embodies the

  • Ruby Mountain: A Short Story

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    world. The clouds in the sky gradually vanished, unveiling a mountain made entirely of red gemstone, into which was carved a flourishing, massive city nearly the size of the mountain itself. Guards patrolled a hulking, seamless, defensive wall. Their auras were visible and undulating aggressively. People, mostly garbed like those from the

  • La Memoria By Carlos Fuentes In La Transcendia

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    La Transcendencia de la Memoria Aura explores the corporeality of aging, the eternalness of desire, and the struggle against mortality through the use of memory and narrative. Carlos Fuentes uses the innovative narrative technique of second person narration in the present and future tenses to dramatize for the reader the sense of the peculiar amidst the familiar. Throughout the novel, he characterizes the initial realistic entry into a story that grows more disarming, more fantastical, yet more

  • Simulacrum In Postmodern Society

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    term ‘aura’ “as the unique appearance of distance, however close it may be”. This distance is the distance in terms of time and space (Benjamin1955: 795). It relates to the effect time has on a work of art, for example if one sees the brush strokes of the Monaliza and the effect of the elements and time on it, it takes one back in time. The ‘aura’ is the way one experience the history attached to the original work of art through its physical attributes. According to Benjamin (1955:793) the ‘aura’ of

  • Difference Between Cult Value And Exhibition Value

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    Benjamin (1936: ) explains that this relationship results in the loss of “aura” of authenticity in reproduced

  • Date Rape Research Paper

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    action no matter what. Aura indicates, “ I pulled on the handle; the door did not move. There was no key in the lock. I was trapped. I turned to face him. “Peter, is this a bad joke? Give me the key.” He was no longer smiling. “Take off your clothes, he said. All I could think at first was that this was ridiculous. We’d never even gone out on a date” (Imbarus 105). It is horrible to think that even someone that she knew was capable of attempting something as heinous as rape. Aura witnessed a terrifying

  • Benjamin Vs Adorno

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    technology only ameliorated art as a whole. Despite Benjamin’s acceptance of the mechanical presence in art, his counterpart Adorno did not welcome the decaying presence of the aura as readily. Adorno’s essay, written two years later, was both a response and a critique of Benjamin’s piece. Adorno, although not directly addressing the aura, did not see the aura’s degradation at the hands of technology as beneficial to the progression of art. Unlike Benjamin who focused on film, Adorno focused his piece on

  • Photographic Activity Of Postmodernism

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    “So long as photography was merely a vehicle by which art objects entered the imaginary museum, a certain coherence obtained. But once photography itself enters, an object among others, heterogeneity is reestablished at the heart of the museum; its pretensions of knowledge are doomed. Even photography cannot hypostatise style from a photograph.” (Crimp, 1993) In Douglas Crimp’s essay, “The Photographic Activity of Postmodernism” he argues that postmodernism is “the return of the repressed”. With

  • Mona Lisa

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    As per our discussion on February 1st, it is apparent that you are interested in maximizing the potential revenue from our recent discovery of the Mona Lisas. In total, we have the original painting made by artist Leonardo Da Vinci along with 100 mechanically reproduced posters of the painting at our disposal. Seeing that this apocalyptic world is inhabited by survivors who love to look at pictures, a promising market for this newfound art exists. I am thrilled to propose a fulfilling approach to

  • Auramae Mullin: A Short Story

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    top of her lungs. Again people look her way with a weird face, but honestly I know she doesn’t care! At a New Year’s Eve party, Auramae wanted everyone to watch her do a tarot card reading. One girl who was invited said she wanted to watch TV, but Aura disagreed. Then the girl argued back that not everyone has to do what she says and everyone can do what they want. Auramae replied to that she couldn’t focus with the TV on. At that point, most of the people at the party agreed with the girl, but Auramae

  • Temporal Lobe Epilepsy Case Study

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    common type of epilepsy requiring surgical treatment (Janszky et al., 2005). The seizures associated with TLE consist of simple partial seizures and complex partial seizures. One particular type of simple partial seizure associated with TLE is an aura. An aura can be correlated with a warning, because it is a sensation which people get before another seizure. During a simple partial seizure,

  • Mindfulness's Role In Psychiatric Analysis

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    around themselves that has a profound impact on the client. In Sanskrit, the term used to depict a state of well-being or good health is swastha, which means rooted in the self. Hence, if the therapist experiences a state of well-being and radiates an aura of healthiness, it has a healing impact on the client. Health is traditionally defined as a state of perfect balance and healing is that which brings about this kind of balance once again (William McGrey, 1964).The therapist who has worked through

  • Commentary On Minority's Rage By Laurie Halse Anderson

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    judges, CEO's ,and etc. The reader doesn't see many minority's as high power people. When the author states that “...white rage carries an aura of respectability and has access to the courts, police, legislatures and governors,...” the reader can infers that white people are perceived as higher roles in our society and that the minority's rage carries a aura of disrespect and leads to violence. This allows white people to to be heard easily because of how they are seen in society by other white people

  • Departure And Up In The Coolly

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    hometown and the people that know him well. In the passage from “Up in the Coolly,” another man sets out on an adventure to his hometown in which he has not visited for about ten years. Many events in the story of Departure contribute to feelings and auras of tension. George is leaving to the city from his hometown and has several emotions of tension and discomfort. Townspeople come to see George as he is leaving, making George uncomfortable,

  • Fashion: The History Of Fashion In The 19th Century

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    Firstly, the concept fashion and how this industry begun will be explained. If we take a look at history, fashion started as a symbol of luxury. Prior to the mid-nineteenth century, all clothing was handmade and costs expensively. During this time, the difference between apparel and fashion is prevalent and noticeable. The former is functional clothing and pertains to humanity’s basic needs, while the latter involves style and extravagance. Hence, apparel belongs to the members of the lower class