Sexual Connotations In Advertising

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In today 's day and age, the rise in sexual connotations and auras in advertising are at a level never experienced before. The massive competition that troubles the ever so increasing number of marketing sellers has led to some very engaging marketing approaches. The most controversial and thought-provoking of these has to be sexual connotations. These auras ' focus not just on erotica, but on sexuality and gender undertone as well. They are becoming a sort of norm where one is not be startled to see such delicate and almost personal references being used on a majority of today 's billboards.
When one thinks of M&M’s, or any other candy for that matter, he or she would almost certainly associate the product with the audience of children.
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The most stereotyping example is an advertisement which lists a set of “characteristics” which represent the various colors of M&M’s in a very personified way. The green M&M is described as liking simple candlelit dinners in Paris, disliking people who stare, and quoting, “I melt for no one.” This is pointing to a very broad and general aura of white women. With the rising feminist culture, the phrase “I melt for no one” directly infers that the green M&M will not be controlled by anyone, while at the same time putting a pun on the word melt. The depiction with the brown M&M is slightly different in its presented aura, but still takes on the general facade of a female. There does not seem to be any clear racial ties to the color of the M&M, which would make the marketing approach absolutely ridiculous, but still some clear connotations. The aura takes on the stature of another female stereotypical model. A pun is taken to the word “original” as in old-fashioned female, or the original color of candy. The ad even goes so far as to say that its hidden talent is always being right. One could certainly argue that this M&M advertising is being rather sexist. The connotations being put forth in both of these ads are not subtle to say the
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