Ruby Mountain: A Short Story

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“By the authority of my father and his father before him, I open the way to the sacred ground, The Ruby Mountain!” She exclaimed. The medallion flashed for an instant and flew forward, tearing a hole in the air. Cian stared at the scene unfolding before him, astounded. The landscape of the mountain shattered. In its place appeared a similar looking mountain, but now it looked like a scene from another world. The clouds in the sky gradually vanished, unveiling a mountain made entirely of red gemstone, into which was carved a flourishing, massive city nearly the size of the mountain itself. Guards patrolled a hulking, seamless, defensive wall. Their auras were visible and undulating aggressively. People, mostly garbed like those from the…show more content…
He was broken out of his reverie when Miranda shot a glance in his direction. “Send the child to the dungeons. I’ll bring Master to see him after I pay my respects.” She commanded. Fear flashed through Cian’s mind as two of his captors dragged him towards a dark part of the city, in a corner just within the wall, which opened for the group as they passed. As arrogant as Miranda was outside of the city, Cian expected her return to this mystical place to be a large event, filled with numerous admirers and fanfare. To his surprise, as Miranda walked upwards towards the center of the city, she did so alone, and was ignored by the people around her. Cian was deposited in a cell made of a dark stone, void of any life energy whatsoever. The door slammed shut behind him, a solid mass of metal sending vibrations through the entire room as it quivered. There were no windows or sources of light in the cell. Cian was left in complete darkness. He sat himself in one corner of the room and waited. He knew his situation was bleak, but he didn’t panic. His father had once stringently warned him to never lose his
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