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  • Medieval Castles In Mathew Johnson's Behind The Castle Gate

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    Castles have long been a topic of historical interest as they have greatly influenced societies and in turn been shaped by them. However, this interest has often been met with opposition amongst historians as to what these medieval strongholds symbolize. Published in 2002, Mathew Johnson’s Behind the Castle Gate: From Medieval to Renaissance offers a significantly different interpretation to the traditional viewpoint of castles. He challenges the accepted narrative of castles being merely fortified

  • Castles In The Middle Ages

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    Modern advancements have made castles obsolete, but they live on as people are continually mesmerized by the history. Many castles live on today as historic landmarks and museums. Some modern castles are home to many wealthy people. Although different castles have found different uses, all castles built before modern times had the same idea when they were first constructed. This main idea was defense. As offensive military forces developed more effective methods of attacks, defensive strategist

  • Medieval European Castle Essay

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    prominent being the invention of fortified military compounds that fell under the collective term “Castle”. This single invention defined an entire chapter of European history marked by the battle of Hastings in 1066 to the invention of gunpowder around the 15th century making castles militarily obsolete. The intent of this paper is to examine the history of Medieval Europe and what drive led to the need for castles. Also included in this paper is an assessment of the function

  • European Castles In Japanese Culture

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    Castles were one of the crucial to both European and Japanese culture, not only protecting but also serving as a sign of power. Castles were first seen in 1066 when William the Conqueror invades England from France. Since the English people greatly outnumbered the French, he ordered the construction of the first castles, called motte and bailey castles. From there castles evolved with the times as new weapons were invented. They served both as home for lords as well as a stronghold. Having a grand

  • The Importance Of Castles In Medieval Times

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    In Medieval Times, castles played a large role in society. A large amount of the population lived in castles, they were all kinds of different people. The castles were owned by the lords who usually inherited their power from their family. Inside the castle, lived the lords family, along with people working. Some people would stop by and stay for a short time such as entertainers and travelers. Entertainers could be either be musicians or jesters, jesters would do magic tricks, and musicians would

  • Stone Castles In The Middle Ages

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    threat on them which is why they had to build imposing stone castles to protect them, their serfs, and their families. Inside of the castle, there was a building called a keep, and that is where the noblest man and his family lived. Inside of this magnificent keep, is a dance hall, dining room, private solars (where the family would play games and talk at the end of the night), and a great hall that was used as an office. Inside the castle, there would also be stables, a big kitchen, and servants quarters

  • European Castles: Similarities And Differences

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    Today, people think of castles as luxurious and romantic places, when in reality their main purpose was for protection and military use. There were many similarities and differences in European castles. Differences may include the location of castles, defense mechanisms, and styles. Though castles differed from each other, most shared some common traits. Castles were typically built on hills, mountains, or islands so they have a good vantage points to see if the enemy was approaching (Newman).

  • The Windsor Castle: Advantages And Disadvantages Of Castles

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    Back in the middle ages castles were popular structural buildings used to hold empires. There were many types of castles designed and built of which some grander and greater than others. But overall they all had the same purpose which was to protect the king, his court and his kingdom. The Windsor castle A Bailey and Motte castle is a castle which is built out of wood or stone keep and is on a raised earth mound which is called a motte. It would then have a bailey or enclosed court yard which was

  • Medieval Japanese Castles

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    of castles built in the Medieval Japanese time period only twelve survive to this very day. The history of Medieval Japanese castles are still evident in today’s society through structures, buildings or documents. After much research on castles in Medieval Japan I came to the question of ‘What was the purpose of constructing castles in the time of Medieval Japan?’ Two castles in particular are testament to this and answer the question. These castles are the Himeji Castle and the Gifu Castle.

  • The Glass Castle Symbolism

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    Walls represents a charismatic father who loves his children and teaches them important life skills. He encourages imagination inside of the Walls kids and often captures their dream and creativity. Together, the family had planned to build a glass castle that contains all of the family’s hope and inspiration. However, at the same time, Mr. Walls is the biggest problem in the family. Mr. Walls is a heavy alcoholic that drinks all of the family’s money away. When desperate, Mr. Walls would even steal

  • Response For The Glass Castle

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    life for you. A mother who isn’t motivated enough to go to a job each day. Putting each harsh and miserable day, and putting it into an endless adventure. This life belonged to Jeannette Walls and every single day of her life. In the book The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls, her life is full of harsh, scary but adventurous experiences that teaches her self confidence and perseverance. Jeannette realized and dealt with the harsh lifestyle she was living in. Throughout the book home struck hard in

  • The Glass Castle Themes

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    Jeannette Walls writes a memoir about aspects of her life in The Glass Castle, where she strongly reflects this philosophy. In this memoir Jeannette Walls describes the hardships in her life, which consists of low income, neglect of her parents, and underestimation. She goes through these hardships and eventually experiences release and growth in her life. Walls turns her struggles into a blessing. The Joshua tree in The Glass Castle displays the theme, that one’s struggles are what make them beautiful

  • Hardships In The Glass Castle

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    disfunctional families can be very hard to deal with. Sometimes you just need to keep going and not look back and by doing so a lot more opportunities may appear in life. Christy Brown in My Left Foot, Bethany Hamilton, and Jeanette Walls in The Glass Castle are all examples of people who had to deal with great hardships in order to push them to become the successful and mature people that they are today. In My Left Foot, Christy has Cerebral Palsey and to show his struggle Christy narrates, “Every doctor

  • The Glass Castle Fire Analysis

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    stands for something else. Also it can contain several layers of meanings that stand for, or represent, something else. Symbol is using an object or action that has a deeper meaning for something more than its literal meaning. The story The Glass Castle contains a lot of different types of symbolic meanings. The symbolic item that I think has a deeper meaning from others is fire. Fire can mean so many different meanings but in the book fire symbolizes chaos, fear and destruction. First, of all like

  • Bipolar Disorder In The Glass Castle

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    Max Lerner an American Journalist stated “the turning point in the process of growing up is when you discover the core of strength within you that survives all hurt.” Throughout The Glass Castle a memoir by Jeannette Walls, Jeannette and her siblings, Lori, Brian and Maureen are faced with an unpleasant upbringing that they are put through by their parents Rex and Rose Mary Walls. Due to the terrible living conditions and bad parenting they had to endure for many years, they had to teach themselves

  • Character Analysis: The Glass Castle

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    “Have I ever let you down?” he asked Brian and me and then turned and walked away. In a voice so low that Dad didn’t hear him, Brian said, “Yes.” p. 78 Throughout The Glass Castle the Walls family is depicted in horrible situations of starvation, poverty, and desperation. The Walls family is brought to each of these moments by choices that the parents make. And because of that, each and every one of these moments could have been avoided, had Rex and Rose Mary made better choices for themselves and

  • Skibo Castle Swot Analysis

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    Introduction The Skibo Castle is a property rich in history and is known for being the ‘playground’ for society’s elite. Located in Scotland, the Skibo Castle has experienced numerous changes over the years. Primarily this building was used as a 12th century castle. Many centuries later it was used as the home to the wealthy industrialist, Andrew Carnegie. Most recently, the castle has been transformed into a members-only country Club called the Carnegie Club and is owned by Ellis Short. Members

  • Quotes From The Glass Castle

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    Jeannette Walls’ Memoir, “The Glass Castle”, tells a story of a dysfunctional family who uses magic, fantasy, and life lessons to get through their hectic lives. Jeannette starts off her book with such a story about seeing her mother ramming through garbage in New York City. Jeannette feels a sense of shame about her Mom’s life and begins to reflect on her childhood and how her parents’ choices affected her. If you ask me I would say it was very dramatic, which grabs your attention knowing someone

  • Parental Influence In The Glass Castle

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    household, the values that the parents hold are instilled into their children. Parents are required to make crucial decisions about how to raise their children in order to guide them through the inevitable obstacles and hardships of life. In The Glass Castle, many would argue the lack of care and responsibility the Walls had for their children. The author, Jeannette Walls, uses Rex and Mary Walls to demonstrate that their strong traits of non-conformity, self-sufficiency and perseverance are passed on

  • The Glass Castle Theme Of Freedom

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    In the memoir The Glass Castle, the protagonist, Jeannette Walls, tries to achieve freedom, but doesn’t fully obtain it. Jeannette Walls seeks both freedom from financial struggles, and freedom from her family, but only attains one type of freedom. As she grows up, Jeannette and her family are in and out of poverty. Jeannette realizes that living in poverty is not the way she wants to live, so she tries to free herself from it. At some points in her life, someone comes across a large sum of money